2. Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Kimura Unity Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") has engaged in business under our Management Philosophy, "The Company exists for the customers and prospers together alongside our staff members." Placing a high premium on to create customer value, while providing solutions to our customers, we would always like to be of service worldwide.
Recognizing the importance of proper handling and protection of personal information of customers, the Company has established its own Privacy Policy. This page on this Website explains the policy as per our private policy to help you understand how we protect your personal information.

The Company complies with all pertinent laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information of customers, business partners, etc. over the course of operations, and voluntarily established rules and framework for handling such information. The Company has decided its own Personal Information Protection Policy as presented as below, and we pledge to put the said policy into practice.

  1. Continuous Improvement on Personal Information Protection
    The Company will make directors and employees of the Company (hereinafter referred to as "the employees etc.") recognize the importance of personal information protection and establish Regulations on Personal Information Protection. In order to appropriately protect personal information, the employees etc. will work to disseminate the policy, and provide continuous improvement.
  2. Handling of Personal Information
    The Company strives to not to impair the rights and interests of the party in handling the personal information.
  3. Safety Measures
    The Company will put in place robust measures regarding the security to protect against the loss, leakage and fraud use of personal information so as to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information.
  4. Observance of Laws, Regulations
    The Company will observe Act on Personal Information and the Guidelines of the organization that the company belongs to, so as to ensure the protection of personal information.
  5. Respect for the Rights of Customers and the Employees
    Respecting for the rights of customers and the employees etc., the Company shall take appropriate actions such as disclosure, correction, deletion and termination of use of the personal information in response to the request from the person concerned.

Jun 23th 2021

Shigehiro Naruse

The Company collects personal information, after explicitly disclosing the purpose of use through our pamphlets and on this Website.
In cases where obtaining personal information directly from an individual, we will clarify its purpose, and take measures to limit the use within the scope of the said purpose on the spot.
We will not ever utilize the personal information beyond the scope of the said purpose.

The Company obtains personal information necessary for the following purposes. Therefore, we will not ever use the information for other purposes.

  1. Providing logistics Services such as Packing・Packaging work, Container Equipment Production etc.
  2. Providing Car Services such as Car Lease, Car Maintenance, Sales of Cars and Car Supplies, and Insurance Agency etc.
  3. Providing Information Services such as System Development, System & Consulting etc.
  4. Collection of Credit owned by the Company
  5. Confirmation of the billing and collection status for supplied merchandises and services
  6. Showcase for other products and services of the Company's and its management
  7. Invitation to events, campaigns・seminars etc.
  8. Customer support on inquiries and requests etc.

The Company will not disclose any personal information collected, expect the following cases:

  1. Cases where you have consented to disclose your personal information to a third party.
  2. Cases where law requires disclosure.
  3. Cases with other justifiable reasons

The following personal information is jointly used within our group.

  1. Items of the Personal Information used jointly
    Name , address, postal code, telephone number and email address etc.
  2. Scope of the Joint Users
    Kimura Unity Co., Ltd., Super-Jumbo Co., Ltd., Business People Co., Ltd.
  3. Purpose of Use
    Same as "Purpose of Using Customers' Information" aforementioned
  4. Name of the Responsible Party
    Kimura Unity Co., Ltd.

The Company appoints information security manager to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, while providing safety measures such as the information security measure to restrict an access to the personal information, avoiding the personal information leak and preventing an unauthorized access from outside.

The Company has built up a structure to protect personal information as part of our efforts to implement a companywide personal information protection. The operating organization works on a thorough implementation of protection of all members' personal information in all divisions and sections within the group, while promoting in-house education on personal information protection.
The Company welcomes any suggestions and opinions for the betterment of said system from customers.

To appropriately protect and manage personal information, the Company strictly observes Act on Protecting Personal Information and follows the Guidelines of the Organization the Company belongs to. Keenly aware that personal information is valuable; the Company always reviews and improves the internal rules and regulations with respect to the Personal Information Policy.

In case of requests on referring to the personal information in our possession or to correct or delete such information, contact us through the inquiry channel that the Company prescribes. After verification of the identity of the party making the request, we will cope with the request appropriately.


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