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Board of Directors and Corporate Auditors / Organization

Board of Directors and Corporate Auditors

Board of Directors

  • Yukio Kimura

    Yukio Kimura

    Chairman and Representative Director

  • Shigehiro Naruse

    Shigehiro Naruse

    President and Representative Director

  • Takeshi Kinoshita

    Takeshi Kinoshita

    Executive Vice President Director

    -In charge of Production, Safety, and Quality.
    -In charge of Logistics Service Business Headquarters.
    -Head of SQ Promotion Headquarters.
    -In charge of Information Service Business Div.

  • Yukihiro Koyama

    Yukihiro Koyama

    Executive Vice President Director

    -Head of Administration Headquarters.
    -Head of Administrative Promotion Dept.
    -In charge of Corporate Planning Div.
    -In charge of Active Promotion of Woman.
    -Kimura Unity Corporate Pension Fund.
    -CEO of KIMURA, Inc.

  • Kouichi Iinaga

    Kouichi Iinaga

    Executive Managing Director

    -In charge of TCS (Mobility Service) Business Headquarters.

  • Tadaaki Kimura

    Tadaaki Kimura


  • Yoshinori Hirano

    Yoshinori Hirano

    Outside Director

  • Jun Eyama

    Jun Eyama

    Outside Director

  • Eriko Suzuki Schweisgut

    Eriko Suzuki Schweisgut

    Advisor Director

Board of Corporate Auditors

  • Shin Yoshimura

    Shin Yoshimura

    Standing Auditor

  • Hisashi Yoshimura

    Hisashi Yoshimura

    Outside Statutory Auditor

  • Chikai Onoda

    Chikai Onoda

    Outside Statutory Auditor

  • Chieko Murata

    Chieko Murata

    Outside Statutory Auditor

Operating Officers

Senior Operating Officer Akikazu Nakano
Senior Operating Officer Shigehiro Kamiya
Senior Operating Officer Kenji Kusakari
Senior Operating Officer Daisuke Isobe
Senior Operating Officer Hajime Minami
Operating Officer Katsumi Ohshima
Operating Officer Yoshihiro Yokoi
Operating Officer Yoshiyuki Nagata
Operating Officer Kiyofumi Fumoto
Operating Officer Tetsuya Dan
Operating Officer Shigeaki Mizuno
Operating Officer Yukio Tsumura



Explanation of abbreviations

  • LS:Logistics Service
  • MS:Mobility Service
  • IS:Information Service
  • MM:Mobility Management
  • SQ:Safety & Quality


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