2. Site Policy

Site Policy

Thank you for visiting the website of KIMURA UNITY Co., Ltd. and the KIMURA UNITY Group's (hereinafter collectively referred as to "the Website"), while Kimura Unity Co. Ltd. and the Kimura Group hereinafter referred to as "The Company."Before using the Website, please read the conditions of User Policy. In regard to the user rules specified in the contents, please confirm each of the contents before using the site. And the related regulations may change without prior notice.

  • While the Company makes all reasonable efforts to ensure the all information on this website is correct, accuracy cannot be guaranteed and the Company does not assume any responsibility for whatsoever regarding the completeness and accuracy of the information including texts, photographs, illustrations, videos, software, links and other various information that appears on this Website.
  • The Company bears absolutely no liability in any form for any direct or indirect losses incurred as a result of using any of the information (including data) or content contained in this Website.
    In addition to the above, in no event the Company will be liable for any losses or damage without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damages whatsoever resulting from the use of any information obtained out of, or in connection with, the use of this Website (including the links from this Website) and also from external websites set to link to this Website.
  • The Company may change all or part of the information appearing on this Website without prior notice at any time, and operation of the website itself is subject to discontinuation without notice at any time.
    Please note that the Company bears no liability for any losses or damages, for whatever reason, incurred as the result of the change of information and the stoppage or temporary suspension of the Website.
  • Please note that there may be cases where this Website does not function correctly by the reasons of communication conditions, the computer environment of a customer or other reason.
  • The information contained in this Website includes the Company's strategy, plan, forecast and content with non-historical facts. These are forward-looking statements, and these forward-looking statements do not guarantee our future financial results, but involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those discussed in the forward-looking statements due to the economic conditions of major markets, the trend of political system and changes of laws and regulations.
    Please refrain from depending solely on these forward-looking statements.
  • This Website is in no way intended to solicit investment.
    Please make a decision for investment at your own risk.
  • All text, images, photographs, logos, videos, software, and all other information contained in the Website are protected by copyright, patent right, trademark right and other rights that belong to the Company or a Third party.
  • You shall not use (including copying, altering, distributing and sending to the general publish) this information without obtaining the prior consent of the copy right owner, unless acceptable under copyright law.
  • The Company is in no way to consent to the use of copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights and other rights by a third party.

Website users are prohibited from any act of the following.

  • As in any of the following conducts against the Company and its directors or employees, or another company (or individual)・another organization
    • Act of Slander and Intimidation
    • Act of giving Disadvantage and Damage
    • Act of possibly damaging Credit
  • Illegal act or act with illegality
  • Act contrary to Public Order and Morality
  • The Website is under the control by the Company.
    This Website is accessible from anywhere in the world, and legal considerations may differ significantly from country to country. Notwithstanding, the Company agrees, and all customers who use this Website are deemed by doing so to have agreed, that the use of the Website shall be governed by the laws of Japan and the ordinance of Aichi Prefecture.
  • The Company gives no indication whatsoever that the contents of this Website will be appropriate for the user's particular environment. The customers who access and use the Website are deemed to do so of their own free will, and doing so to have accepted full responsibility for the results of their use of this Website.
  • The competent court of first instance regarding all conflicts and disputes arising out of or relating to the use of the Website shall be the Nagoya District Court, unless otherwise specified.

In principle, linking to the Website is permitted from any commercial or non-commercial purpose without contacting in advance. However, please refrain from setting links from any website that falls into or may be categorized, as any of the following:

  • Links that include content that slanders or damages the Company's products or services etc. and the content that damages the credit of the Company
  • Links that include content that is or may be illegal
  • Links that include content contrary to public order, morals and social ethics
  • Websites that make it unclear that the displayed content is from the Website or have the possibility of misrepresenting to a third party through a method such as displaying the Website within a frame. (The Company requests that you set links to the Website so that either the browser window changes completely to the destination page or the destination page opens up in a new browser window)
  • Links giving the erroneous impression of a partnership or cooperative relationship with Company, or links that may cause misinterpretation or the wrong recognition that the Company supports the links
  • Other links that the Company deems inappropriate

You may also be asked to change the way that the link has been set up or delete the link even if the conditions above do not apply.
Please also note that the URL of the Website may change or delete without any prior notice.

The Website contains pages that are embedded with collection tags used to tally the access status of visitors to the Website, which is not intended to identify the information of users.

The Company uses this access data to improve customer governance and maintain and improve the quality of the Website.

For a more pleasant experience, the Company recommends the following environments.
Although this Website is designed to compatible with as many browsers as possible, there may be a case where you may not be able to visit the Website or the support of JavaScript or Stylesheet may not be available when the environment is older than the one recommended. For a smoother use of the website, we recommend the latest version. Please also note that the latest browser or plug-in software is or may be needed when viewing some of the contents.

Recommended Web Browsers

Microsoft Edge Latest Version
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher
Google Chrome Latest Version

Recommended Screen Resolution

1024 X 768 pixels or more


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