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Corporate Governance

Basic Stance on Corporate Governance

Kimura Unity constantly seeks to enhance governance by realization of our Management Philosophy, "The Company exists for the customers and prospers together alongside our staff members." Kimura Unity regards sustainable growth and the stable, mid and long term corporate values as essential management priorities. By decision-making based on accurate information gathered in a speedy manner, we endeavor to maximize corporate value, shareholders value as well as customer value.

In order to further enhance corporate governance, while vitalizing Board of Directors, we introduced Executive Officer System in June 1999.In June 2001, Kimura Unity appointed an outside director to ensure the transparency of the Board of Directors and to implement a mutual corporate monitoring as well as compliance.

Furthermore, we appointed an independent director certified by Tokyo Stock Exchange Inc. That is to ensure, on an independent and objective view, that outside perspectives by stakeholders are adequately reflected in management etc., protecting stockholders.

Additionally, Kimura Unity as a corporation that has introduced the Audit and Supervision System, has outside auditors designated to be independent officers so as to improve auditing and to thoroughly supervise the directors' execution of their required duties.

We will further continue to enhance our corporate governance, ensuring accountability for stakeholders including disclosure and transparency with aim to become a group that co-creates and shares a true goal of accomplishment.

Corporate Governance System

Corporate Governance System

Board of Directors

Board of Directors periodically meets once a month to make decision and supervise / inspect operations. An extraordinary board meeting is held as required.

Operating Officers Committee / Divisional Directors Committee

Kimura Unity adopted an operating officer system in June 1999 in order to further increase the speed of decision-making and to effectively supervise operations so as to make tenacious business execution possible.

Corporate Executive Officers Meeting and Operational Headquarters Meeting that consist of directors, operating officers and executives, have been responsible for management oversight and operational execution.

Audit &Supervisory Board/ Audit Office/ Audit Firm

In addition to a full-time corporate auditor, three outside auditors are designated to supervise and audit the roles and duties to be performed appropriately.

Furthermore, Auditors, Audit Office and Audit Firm organize an auditing board, and meet periodically for exchanging information, analysis and evaluation in regard to the effectiveness of the corporate governance to further enhance the effectiveness of corporate governance.

Basic Stance to Corporate Governance Code

Since June 2015, the corporate governance code has been applied obligatory. Our basic stance to corporate governance code is to strive for sustainable growth and enhance mid-and long-term corporate values in a self-motivated manner, thus leading us to contribute to the betterment of the company, investors and the economy as a whole.

Kimura Unity has positioned the sustainable growth and the stable mid- and long-term growth of corporate value as priority management issues. We evaluate and review our system for each principle to be observed and followed periodically. In reference to our efforts concerning specific governance code, the information is disclosed in our report on corporate governance.


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