KIMURA History of Challenges

Endless Pursuit for Best Services for Customers
With the Spirit of Unity and Cooperation

This is our history of everlasting process of improvement with unflagging efforts made by each and every team member for the benefit of customers.

Kimura Unity continues to unfold and exert itself to develop and achieve its full potential.

Since its inception in 1881 (Meiji 14th), Kimura Unity has grown in tandem with the automotive industry while operating the business consisting of Logistics Services, Total Car Services, Information Services and Staffing Services.

Based on the expertise it accumulated by providing services to customers in Japan, Kimura Unity expanded to other countries and broadened the scope of its business. In our logistics services for a wide range of industries, for example, due to the increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs of our customers, Kimura Unity has been able to ride over the difficulty of globalization. The Company navigated numerous turning points in the course of its long history, but forged ahead without ever forgetting its basic founding principle of “Customer Focus.” Kimura Unity is committed as “a going concern” to evolving further in the years ahead to provide genuine value to customers and end-users.

Foundation ---
The 1940s
Started manufacturing and sales of wooden container equipment for the local textile industries, and grew together with them

The origin of KIMURA UNITY dates back to the year 1881 (Meiji 14th) when the wooden box production business initiated at 2-Shichiken-cho, Naka-ku, Nagoya (the area currently known as the postal address: 3 chome, Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya).

While the modern industrialization was taking place in Japan, the textile industry came into being a major industry of Nagoya.

The area called “Choja-machi”, Shimada-machi (the area currently indicated as the postal address: 2-chome, Marunouchi, Nishiki 2-chome) used to be crowded with Kimono fabric (a traditional Japanese garment) wholesalers. Those Kimono fabric wholesalers had grown to be textile wholesalers.

Due to the trend of the times, our logistics service business grew alongside by manufacturing containers used by the textile makers and wholesalers of the area for their logistics purposes.

January 1881 Founded Kimura Container Manufacturing Shop in Naka-ku, Nagoya
Bagan Container Equipment Manufacturing Business

The 1950sShifted from Private Management to Corporate Management
Entered the automotive industry in anticipation of mass expansion of motorization

In 1951 (Showa 26th) Shifted from private management to corporate management, Kimura Manufacturing Limited Partnership Company was established to make a new departure.

Against the backdrop of initiating the wooden boxes supply to Toyota Motor Sales Company (Now, Toyota Motor Corporation) for their auto parts logistics purposes, we incorporated our business. Since then, we have been dealing with Toyota to this day.

With the domestic economy being continued to grow, a large scale of changes in the industrial structure were taking place. As for us, for example, the use of corrugated card boxes became more common for logistics use, and they were taking the place of wooden boxes drastically in a short period of time. Since the wooden boxes were the main products of ours in those days, the change so affected that we suffered a great loss in our business.

During the period of drastic changes, we anticipated the mass expansion of motorization, which made us decide to establish another business with a totally new concept under the name of TOYOPET SERVICE SHOP in 1958 (Showa 33rd). It was a business specialized in auto maintenance services. Since then, the new business has grown to constitute the vital platform of our car servicing business.

March 1951 Established Kimura Manufacturing Limited Partnership Company
May 1958 Established Toyota Service Shop
Started the Car Maintenance Service Business
November 1958 Started the Insurance Agency Business
March 1959 Started the Packaging Business and the Transportation Business

The 1960s ---
The 1980s
Acquired the Toyota Production System, and put the philosophy and working knowledge of the system into practice for our operations
Enhanced Human Resources Development

During the age of high economic growth, we needed to proactively cope with the increased diversity of our customers’ needs by expanding our businesses.
In 1971 (Showa 46th), we established the Information Services Division for the realization of higher efficiency of business activities.

Beginning with an outsourcing computation services as a new job for the Information Services Division, we have expanded the business sphere to a greater extent. The expanded areas included the inventory control of logistics parts as well as the program development of service parts control systems for higher efficiency, which came along with appropriate guidance and education on international worksites. We were able to gain the confidence of customers.
Thus, we have been supporting the logistics services and car services for further progress of our customers

To efficiently cope with the changes in the market as well as the environment surrounding our customers, Kimura Unity spared no efforts to address ourselves to those difficulties arising from phenomenal changes. We have reorganized the management structure and improved the corporate attributes in order to better function in our activities. Through the implementation of TPS and the promotion of a series of QC circle activities, we have strengthened the human resources platform.

True to our founding spirit, keeping “Focus on Customers” and “It takes a buyer’s view to make sales” in mind, we have continued to grow to be an organization full of vitality and creativity.

February 1967 Started the Traffic Accident Prevention Services
July 1969 Divided Kimura Unity in order to form the Kimura Unity Group consisting of eight independent companies
May 1971 Started the Information Service Business
February 1973 Started the Vehicle Leasing Business
October 1973 KIMURA UNITY Co., Ltd. was established
April 1976 Started the Car Sales Business
April 1978 Started the System Development for Overseas Subsidiaries and Affiliates
April 1987 Started the Contract Home Building

The 1990sIncreasing Corporate Value
Initial Public Offering

The year that marked the 40 year anniversary of our company establishment, was the 110th year since its original foundation of Kimura Unity business. In fact, that year proved to be the turning point of Kimura Unity. We shifted our management strategy from the branch management to the integrated management with the aim of strengthening the business fundamentals and raising the efficiency of business.

Kimura Unity made a new start with the newly formulated vision of “Providing Dreams Comfort and Security for the car oriented lifestyle.”
Believing in “Defensive Management” that ensures the solid foundation, and “Offensive Management” that embodies the growth potential and higher stability, we were striving for reshaping the management structure.
Kimura Unity got listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange for better public credibility and raising the brand value, while strengthening the financial structure as well as the improvement of internal operation system, so as to make an even greater progress.

November 1990 Trade name changed to Kimura Unity Co., Ltd.
April 1991 Consolidated the eight grouping companies
March 1994 Started the Parking Lot Business
March 1995 Listed on the Second Section of the Nagoya Securities Exchange
March 1997 Acquired ISO9001 (Quality Management System) Certification for both Information Services Division and Logistics Planning Division
October 1997 Opened the Auto Plaza Rabbit Inazawa Main Store
Started the Car Supply and Accessary Sales Business

The 2000sInitiated full scale expansion overseas, toward oversea markets as a global corporation Launched the NLS* Business targeting new markets outside the automotive industry

*NLS: New Logistics Services

Since the beginning of the 2000s, KIMURA Unity has accelerated its globalization in order to expeditiously meet our customers’ logistics needs overseas by forming a partnership with Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

Kimura Unity expanded the business areas into the NLS (New Logistics Services), making in-roads into the new market of logistics that handle various items such as stationaries, apparel products, electrical appliances, pottery and ceramic products and pharmaceutical products as well as online shopping items, in addition to the conventional business model centering on the automotive industry.

Furthermore, while extending the domestic network from Aichi Prefecture to Kanto, Kansai and Kyushu districts, Kimura Unity established an affiliated staffing company by the name of “Business People.”
That is part of our efforts to efficiently back up the human resources strategy in businesses, especially in the logistics services areas.

December 2000 Formed a business partnership with Toyota Tsusho Corporation
October 2001 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Securities Exchange
November 2001 Established TK Logistica do Brasil Ltda. as a joint venture in Brazil
April 2002 Established Business People Co., Ltd. as a consolidated subsidiary
Started the staffing services
May 2002 Established Kimura Inc. as a consolidated subsidiary in the United States
December 2002 Established TTK Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as a joint venture in Thailand
April 2003 Integrated the Transport Business Division into U-netrans Co., Ltd
August 2003 Made Kimura Leasing Service Co., Ltd. (former Suzuken Maintenance Co., Ltd. into an owned subsidiary company
May 2004 Established TK Logistica de Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. as a joint venture in Mexico
January 2005 Established Tianjin Kimura Shinwa Logistics Co., Ltd. as a consolidated subsidiary in Tianjin, China
May 2005 Acquired ISO9001 (Quality Management System) Certification for the Maintenance Management Division)
September 2005 Acquired ISO14001 (Environment Management System) Certification for Kariya Sales Office
November 2005 Established Guangqi Kimura Shinwa Store Co., Ltd., as a consolidated subsidiary in Guangqi, China
January 2006 Absorbed Kimura Leasing Service Co., Ltd. (former Suzuken Maintenance Co., Ltd.)
September 2006 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Exchange and that of Nagoya Securities Exchange
October 2008 Started the Integrated Car Management Services

The 2010s ---Challenges for Further Growth, being proactive for the Next Generation

The 2010s was the period of remarkable growth for KIMURA UNITY where a series of expansion and new investments had been made.
With the Logistics Services, new business bases established both domestically and abroad, and with the Car Service Division, Super-Jumbo Corporation having become a wholly owned subsidiary, each division committed to the implementation of challenges for further growth.

Being proactive for the next generation, KIMURA UNITY has been focusing its energy on the business areas with high growth potential to ensure our sustainable growth with the full use of our expertise.
We have been resolved to take up a new challenge in earnest.

February 2013 Split off the Transport Business of the joint venture in Thailand and established TTK Asia Transport (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as a new joint venture company.
March 2013 Opened the Safety Sensory Drivers Training Center (T-PRO) at the new joint venture company, TTK Asia Transport (Thailand)
Installed photovoltaic power generation facilities in our logistics operation centers in Japan
December 2013 Made Super-Jumbo Corporation a wholly owned subsidiary
February 2014 Acquired ISO39001 Certification (Road Traffic Safety Management System) for the Nishiki Head Office
March 2014 Acquired ISO27001 (Information Management System) for the Information Services Division
April 2014 Opened the Super–Jumbo Inazawa Store in the premises of the Auto Plaza Rabbit
December 2015 Opened “the Car Seven Nakagawa Store on National Route One in Super-Jumbo Corporation (Subsidiary of KUC)
May 2016 The Kanto Business Office opened at a subsidiary company, Business People Co., Ltd.
October 2016 Acquired OSHMS Certification (Occupational Safety and Health Management System) for the Toyota Pick and Pack Division
December 2016 The Kansai Business Office opened at a subsidiary company, Business People Co., Ltd.
November 2017 Opened the Auto Plaza Rabbit Kamigo Store
Opened the Super-Jumbo Kamigo Store of a subsidiary company, Super-Jumbo Corporation
February 2018 The Auto Plaza Rabbit Kariya Store reopened after renovation.
The Super-Jumbo Kariya Store opened. (Super-Jumbo Corporation, a subsidiary company)
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