Message from the President

The Kimura Unity Group has engaged in business with the philosophy that “Our Company exists for the customers and prospers together alongside our employees.” Placing a high premium on “to create customer value” and “to enhance motivated personnel performance,” we have developed ourselves extensively in the integrated services consisting of four areas, “Logistics Services,” “Total Car Service,” “Information Services” and “Staffing Services” in both domestic and overseas markets.

As the world becomes increasingly globalized and borderless, the speeds of changes in the marketplace as well as competitive business environments have been accelerated. To become “a company of choice by our customer,” we are maximizing our Group’s competitive advantages in our daily efforts to create new value and pioneering services that exceed customer expectations.

We strive to be a company where employees are fulfilled in their work and feel enriched with the spirit of teamwork, making our workplace environment even more dynamic so that all team members are motivated to satisfy customers by working together to provide genuine and friendly services.

Through its business activities, Kimura Unity is committed to boosting its corporate value and strengthening relations with mutual trust with stakeholders. On this basis, we intend to continue building on these relations with a forward-looking stance so that we can contribute to the development of the world community.

We would appreciate your continued support and cooperation.

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