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  3. Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

"The Company exists for the customers and prospers togetheer
alongside our employees."

Management Guidelines

  1. Create customer values
  2. Strengthen profitable foundations
  3. Enhance and foster organizational performance with motivated personnel
  4. Maintain our actions and commitment to sustain an eco-friendly environment and fulfill corporate social responsibility

Corporate Ethics Code

  1. We will respect the rules and other principles established for our company, and will deal fairly and honestly with those who are impacted.
  2. We will contribute to the social welfare of our customers, employees and shareholders by providing products and services of higher quality.
  3. We will respect the dignity of each individual and establish a business environment that promotes independence and creativity.
  4. We will strive to improve customer satisfaction from our shareholders, customers and business associates, while increasing the value of our company internally and externally.
  5. We will pursue ways to better contribute to the communities in which we operate our business.
  6. We will protect the environment and comply with all environment regulations.
  7. We will respect the culture and business practices of each country and/or local district, and will contribute to the growth of the economy in the cities and states in which we operate our business.


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