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Drawing on a strong track record and creative ingenuity
to provide solutions for optimizing logistics operations

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What is required of modern logistics services is to meet the diversified needs of logistics with high efficiency in speed and accuracy. At Kimura Unity, we have a centralized management system controlling the whole integrated processes between divisions and companies, which include the purchase of materials, parts and products, production, packaging and crating, transport and sale.
We suggest an optimized logistics control with an efficient SCM (Supply Chain System) perspective.
We organize a project team comprised not only of onsite operators and staff members of the Sales Department but also members of the Logistics Engineering・System Department and the Safety・Quality Control Department, cooperating together with the customer so as to provide the customer with 3PL in optimum conditions.

Business Overview

Utilizing the expertise Kimura Unity has gained as logistics partner for major automotive manufacturers, we are always ready to offer services customized for the logistics needs of Kimura Unity's customers, which includes warehouse operations with its kaizen excellence and transport arrangement as well as designing and production of logistics equipment such as dollies and containers.

Logistics Equipment / Incidental Equipment

Business Features

Kimura Unity has been engaged in professional services focused on "Standerdization" based on the Toyota Production System, "Continuous Improvement," and "IT-based Logistics," for improved quality and higher productivity.


Introduction of Services

  • Distribution Center Operations

    Distribution Center Operations

  • Logistics Equipment / Incidental Equipment

    Logistics Equipment / Incidental Equipment

Distribution Center Operations

Logistics proposed by Kimura Unity


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