Information Services

Providing reliable systems for a wide variety of business sectors by utilizing IT technology and solid operational expertise

Business Overview

With knowhow and technology accumulated from our extensive experience in developing logistics systems in Japan and abroad, Kimura Unity offers a variety of services from consulting and system development to the maintenance of the system optimized for the customer’s needs.

Business Features

Optimization of the flow of goods and workpieces efficiently linked with the flow of information for both logistics operation and production work sites

Kimura Unity works together with customers to enhance the level of Kaizen and systematization of worksites. We create the optimum frame that makes “the flow of goods and workpieces” efficiently linked with “the flow of information,” which will be made visible for each production and logistics operation site.

Optimum Solutions by Expert well-informed of worksites

Well experienced system engineer with customer’s view works on the systematization of the integrated processes from requirement definition, system development and installation as well as follow-up service.

Introduction of Services

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Information Services Business Division

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