Staffing Services

Connecting “People” and “Companies” to Support Customers’ Human Resources Strategies

As a staffing consultant that connects people and jobs in specialized fields, Kimura Unity proposes solutions for securing, utilizing and training human resources while helping forward-looking companies become more competitive.

We strive for the world-class excellence as a human resources consulting company that improves the staff satisfaction while supporting the human resources strategies of our customers.

Introduction of Services

Temporary Staff Placement / Employment Placement Dispatching

We select motivated staff after careful screening and due consideration through interviews by coordinators with the customer’s view point.
We provide one-on-one training and education with detailed follow-up supports.
Kimura Unity wastes no time before responding to a wide range of customers’ needs utilizing our strength of mobility in a more proactive manner.

Jobseeker Referral Services

Our dedicated consultants determine the needs of customers and then recommend highly matching jobseekers using an effective and thorough referral system.

Hiring Support Services

We contribute to preventing the increase of total cost caused by recruiting jobs, in-house education, advertisement and coordinating jobs by our total quality hiring service that includes a training program prior to employment and matching processes.
Total Optimization will become available by this integrated service.

Services for Logistics / Manufacturing Industries

We offer a variety of personnel services fit for the logistics and manufacturing industries such as temporary staffing services, outsourcing services, placement of part- time employees and personnel recruitment.
We would like as a partner to benefit your company with our excellent performance.

Human Resources Education

Various education, seminars and programs inclusive of aptitude inspection are available on request. We present customized education best fit for customers’ needs that will help raise employees capability and motivation.

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