Total Car Services

Offering a new vision for "
People and Vehicles" by comprehensive car management services

The automobile is an indispensable in social life. However, the rising cost of car maintenance coupled with the degradation of car service management quality is a challenge for consumers.
Our integrated car management service improves safety and quality with less cost. This results in a richer automobile experience---for corporate customer as well as the individual consumer.
Our expertise has been cultivated over many years. We have been closely allied with the automotive industry since 1958.
We apply our knowledge and knowhow for the benefit of our customers, providing "Safety, Security and Comfort" beyond customers' expectation.

Business Overview

Kimura Unity offers a menu of optimized solutions handling all aspects of the vehicle-related needs such as car leasing, maintenance, insurance, sales of car supply and accessories, accident prevention consulting and driver safety service, which are all focused on after sales service markets.
For corporate customers, we have a car management service, while providing car life services for individual customers.

Business Features

Our efforts to provide "Safety, Security and Comfort for people in the car oriented life style

  • Zero Traffic Accident Campaign
    Kimura Unity works together with customers on the activity called "100-day Zero Traffic Accident Promotion Campaign" every year.
  • Driver's safety services
    Kimura Unity helps support eradicating traffic accidents, offering safety education menu such as "Safe Driving Education," "Driving Aptitude Test" and "Education for Accident Recurrence Prevention" in the customized curriculum for each customer.
  • "Kurumappli"
    Kimura Unity provides Cloud Service supportive of communication between the vehicle manager and the driver.

Improvement of Customer Satisfaction

  • Listening to customers' voices over the counter and through our sales staff, Kimura Unity gathers information on customers' demand for further improvement of work operations in order to reflect on our variety of measures to provide for customers.
  • Projects activities promoted by the initiative of female staff being rigorously implemented, Kimura Unity addresses to a wide variety of themes such as opening of new stores and work environment kaizen.

Introduction of Services

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